The Problem Of Switch Handle Drifting Has Been Solved!

The Problem Of Switch Handle Drifting Has Been Solved!

According to Eurogamer, a study found that the Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch controller has a serious drift problem, and 40% of car owners have experienced this problem.The root cause of the Joy-Con drifting was a worn plastic circuit board on the grip where it made contact with the joystick slider, and it never got fixed.

In the face of doubts from various markets, Nintendo also admitted that there are problems with the Switch controller, but it only provides cumbersome and complicated after-sales return and exchange services, and the core of the product problem has not been effectively resolved.

Karl believes that the best way is to permanently solve the design flaws inside the handle, so that consumers do not have to deal with after-sales problems frequently.

Additionally, a Gulikit company has developed a new Joy-Con upgrade kit called the "Hall Electromagnetic Joystick".This upgrade kit uses electromagnetic Hall sensors, and the original Joy-Con joystick can be replaced without changing the wiring.

According to the company, this design of the Hall sensor can eliminate drift and voltage jitter caused by carbon film wear, is more durable, and consumes 50% less power than the original Joy-Con, which can extend the battery life of the handle.

Users can change the rocker caps with different feel at will according to their own preferences. Compared with the original Joy-Con, this upgrade kit is more durable, and it is expected to solve the Joy-Con drift problem.

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